Ott Système is nominated for Aurea 2019

Ott Système is nominated for Aurea 2019

/ News/ Ott Système is nominated for Aurea 2019

News - 14/03/2019

Ecovolve (with Ott Système) has entered in the short list of 8 finalists for the yearly innovation competition Aurea 2019. Aurea is a competition that is organized each year since 2009 to award the most innovative and promising project of the year in Serbia.

Aurea is a well known competition that awards the best innovative investments on a given project every year in Serbia. The first edition was in 2009. Incidentally, Milena and Lionel Mestre, founders of Ecovolve, took part and won a prize in that first edition 10 years ago with their project at the time of the first low-energy buildings in Serbia (Beodom).

So, a decade later, they are again short listed with Ott Système, an innovative ergonomic natural bed system that is fully made in Serbia. The final results will be known on march 28th.