Launching a distribution platform for natural products

Launching a distribution platform for natural products

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News - 20/01/2020 is a new distribution platform for natural and organic products from Ecovolve for France. It replaces and expands the Revolana store which sold only the products of this brand.

First, to do no harm. Second to do good.

Biodom is a new platform for the distribution of organic and natural products based on trust. Biodom guarantees that every single product offered is either organic or produced with natural ingredients or material in such way that it respects the fundamental principle “Primum non nocere” (first, to do no harm). Biodom second principle being “to do good”.

Another approach

Biodom is an organic shop in the strict sense of the word. It follows the principles defined by the pioneers in France or Germany before. Biodom aims to establish a relation of trust with its client and with its suppliers. The selection of what is offered on Biodom makes no compromises.

Biodom is also here to make organic and natural product more accessible and more affordable. Finding everything in one place is one step to make good products more accessible. Establishing a direct business link with producers and trying to keep distribution costs to the lowest will enable Biodom to propose attractive prices.

What does Biodom offer ?

At launch time, Biodom first offers products from its parent company Ecovolve (see below). That will eventually grow with the integration of more producers and new products.

Who is behind Biodom ?

Biodom is the initiative of the company Ecovolve founded by Milena and Lionel Mestre in France in 2012 and in Serbia in 2015. Ecovolve started its activity with the production of natural bed and bedding accessories for the French market. It expanded to the production of natural clothing in 2018. You can learn more about the story that led to the creation of Biodom on the about us page.

Milena and Lionel Mestre have been both involved in sustainable development, healthy leaving and organic products for the past 15 years. They share a vast experience in the domain that they put in action to conceive Biodom. Their skills in Information Technology were also of good use to make Biodom site which is done in-house.