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Mattress protector - 100% organic cotton - 380g/m²
Mattress protector - 100% organic cotton - 380g/m²
Mattress protector - 100% organic cotton - 380g/m²
Mattress protector - 100% organic cotton - 380g/m²
Mattress protector - 100% organic cotton - 380g/m²

Mattress protector – 100% organic cotton – 380g/m²


Very practical to use, it protects the mattress or mattress topper and can be washed frequently. It has 4 wide and strong elastics, that are easy to set up on any mattress even the thickest. Its high quality finish, with an organic cotton piping, ensures a perfect hold even on the edges. For length 190cm order length 200cm that adapts to both lengths.

  • 80x200cm
  • 90x200cm
  • 140x200cm
  • 160x200cm
  • 180x200cm
Certifications :


GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is the organic certification for textile products made from natural fibers such as cotton, linen or wool. It guarantees a complete traceability of the entire supply chain from the organic origin of the raw material to the low environmental impact of the processing which forbids all hazardous chemicals. In addition, GOTS certifies social responsibility at all steps : good working conditions, respect for workers' rights, no discrimination, no child labor.

Oeko-Tex Standard 100

Standard 100 certification guarantees that the certified item has been tested against harmful substances and that it is therefore harmless for human health. Tests are conducted by independent institutes based on criteria of Standard 100. Absence of numerous regulated and non-regulated substances, which may be harmful to human health are verified. Limit values for the STANDARD 100 often go beyond national and international requirements.
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Knitted fabric, 100% organic cotton

Revolana mattress protector is made in a thick, 100% organic cotton, GOTS certified knitted fabric (380g/m²). The knitted mesh gives this mattress protector a natural softness and stretch. The thickness is in the construction of the fabric. He is also very absorbent. In contrast, commonly found mattress protectors are in woven fabrics with coarse yarn which is scraped to give volume. They are not extensible and the successive washes flatten the scraped fabric.

4 holding elastics

The mattress protector features 4, Oeko-Tex certified, wide holding elastics. It can fit any mattress including the thickest ones.

Benefits of the organic mattress protector

The GOTS certified fabric guarantees a healthy mattress protector, without toxic residues, that respects the environment. The mattress protector provides a healthier bedding with the possibility to wash it regularly. It prevents the development of dust mites and keeps the bedding faultless.


Its dimensions are very generous. The final size is obtained after a first washing and drying (shrinkage 2-3%). This is why the initial dimension is voluntarily larger than the one announced.

Machine wash at 60°C, tumble dryer allowed.

Additional information


Machine wash 60°C


GOTS, Oeko-Tex Standard 100


100% organic cotton

Origin materials

Fabric from Turkey

Size (Bedding)

80x200cm, 90x200cm, 140x200cm, 160x200cm, 180x200cm





Organic cotton


Since 2012, Revolana offers a complete range of healthy and natural bedding accessories. Revolana only uses natural materials to make pillows, duvets, bedding and everything needed for being cosy in the bed. It is a brand of the company Ecovolve.

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